Meet Your 2018 Summit Presenters

Monica Sparks
Published Author, Radio Show Host & Entrepreneur 

"You are the CEO of your life, success does not just happen.  You have to set yourself on fire. All it takes is a spark."
      ~ Monica Sparks

Meet Monica Sparks, the 2018 Summit Keynote Speaker.  Monica is an entreprenuer in every sense of the word.  She works tirelessly to reinvent herself and takes risks to grow her personal and professional brand.  She has been coined the "Queen of Networking" because of her incredible ability to engage,network and connect with others on a very personal level.​  Learn more about Monica here.

Tedi Parsons, CCC, CEC, CPC
President, The Professionals Forum LLC 

​"Everyone can be amazing, it just takes a little hard work, effort and a true commitment."
        ~ Tedi Parsons

Meet Tedi Parsons, the creator of the 2018 Administrative Professionals Leadership Summit.  Tedi has spent his career dedicated to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.  As a Certified Career Coach and Certified Professional Coach, he brings his vast experience in human resources, executive leadership and diversity and inclusion into everything he does. Learn more about Tedi here.

Kate Snyder, APR
Principal Strategist, Piper & Gold Public Relations

​"  Everyone deserves to have their story heard. Make sure yours is the one you want to be told.  ."
        ~ Kate Snyder

Meet Kate Snyder, our 2018 Summit communications expert extraordinaire.  Kate is the Owner and Principal Strategist at Piper & Gold Public Relations, a boutique agency with a team of PR stars in Old Town, Lansing, MI. Piper & Gold is committed to helping shape and transform the Lansing community by providing the best ideas and solutions to their long list of clients.  Learn more about Kate here.

Cindy Whittum
Senior Career Coach, Davenport University

​"Professionalism is more than how you dress or a title you hold, it's being respectful, supportive and encouraging of those around you."
        ~ Cindy Whittum

Meet Cindy Whittum, an incredible person who, through her work at Davenport University, is helping shape the world leaders of tomorrow.  Cindy puts the 'P' in professionalism and will share with you some great tips on how to create and present a professional image, both personally and professionally.  She has a sterling reputation for being the ultimate professional in Lansing and around the state.   Learn more about Cindy here.

Josh Holliday
Board President, Lansing 5:01

  "be YOU. be BIG. be Innovative" ~ Josh Holliday
Meet Josh Holliday, a great guy who has a big personality and unending energy, which shows in the great work he does on behalf of Lansing 5:01.  Josh brings his unique brand of event planning to the 2018 Summit and will share with you how to take a basic event to an amazing one that everyone will be talking about.  Learn more about Josh here.

Stacy A. Hickox, Esq.
Associate Professor, Michigan State University

"Employers can use a variety of strategies to address difficult situations and people in the workplace."
   ~ Stacy Hickox
Meet Stacy Hickox, an attorney and Associate Professor at MSU, who will bring her expertise in human resources and professional leadership to the Summit when she presents on how you can manage difficult situations and difficult people.  Stacy is passionate about seeing others succeed and we are honored to have her as a presenter at this year's Summit. 
Learn more about Stacy here.